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Fall Harvest Meet and Greet with Paul Crimi

Fall Harvest Meet & Greet with Paul Crimi

Stop down at 1000 Main Street in Hanson, Massachusetts this week. We are offering free tours of the Paul Crimi Fine Arts Gallery in the afternoon. Paul Crimi will be available to give tours and discuss painting. This community-driven Fall Harvest Meet and Greet with Paul Crimi is being recommended by the South Shore Bargaineer

Fall Harvest Meet and Greet with Paul Crimi

On Thursday (11/11/2021), Friday (11/12/2021) and Saturday 11/13/2021) the South Shore Bargaineer is hosting a community “meet & Greet”. The best times to stop by is from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on these three days. The highlight of the “Meet & Greet” is the amazing work of Paul Crimi. Stop by to view hundreds of amazing paintings at the Paul Crimi Fine Arts Gallery. You can view his work at

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Shopping with Purpose

Customers of the South Shore Bargaineer love to visit our shop. They find excellent merchandise while they go “Shopping with Purpose”

South Shore Bargaineer is a charity thrift store operated by the Adopt a Family Fund Inc. Local residents donate goods. These goods are sold to raise money to help fight extreme poverty. A simple, effective way to do something positive. 

You can learn more at or stop by to speak with a member of our volunteer team.

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