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Inflation is Killing People — Literally!

The title of this blog post may be striking, but “Inflation is Killing People — Literally!” is an important title to pay attention too. Inflation is happening here in the United States, as well as across the world. People in poorer countries are beginning to feel the pain of inflation. The impact is real.

Imagine living on $100 dollars per month. You may live in an area with lower pricing on housing, medical care, schooling, etc. But one area that cannot be controlled is commodities. Energy, food, and other life essentials are going up in price dramatically. And we may only be at the beginning of the inflationary spike.

Will you be a resource to help other avoid starvation?

If you live on income of $100 or less per month, inflation can drastically affect health, education, career, and home life. Many lose hope. An increase of 7% can impact decision-making that could have long-term effects. May lead to pulling children out of school or dropping vegetables from meals. Devastating!

Adopt a Family Fund

South Shore Bargaineer is the fundraising arm of the Adopt a Family Fund. A Massachusetts non-profit that is maintained by local volunteers. The charity has a focus on helping people living in extreme poverty. Since the charity was approved as a 501c3 in 2003, the focus has remained on providing life essentials to the elderly, orphaned children, low-income single parent households, and others.

Adopt a Family Fund assists with monthly food for 30 households. These homes are low-income households that generally are managed by a single mother or elderly grandmother. Income levels range between $30 and $50 per month. We also assist with schooling, medical care, job training, spiritual issues, home maintenance, transportation, and other important life areas.

Together, we can change the world. We can. Many have… South Shore Bargaineer has plenty of items that are useful. When these items are sold, we have extra money to send supplies, medical relief items, and relief funds to Central America. Stop by for some “Thrift Shopping with Purpose”.

Relief supplies are sent by barrel each month. God has blessed so much. We’ve been able to send 2 barrels per month throughout the pandemic. Our aim is to increase this over the next few months. This would be to prepare for the impending food shortages predicted by both the United States and United Nations. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are obligated to help the poor. If you feel the same — join us.

Inflation is Killing People — Literally! Be the one used by God to help many avoid this fate.

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